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Our Duty of Care

Working with the advice from Public Health England and the UK Government, this document outlines our duty of care policy and the measures we have introduced to ensure that our guests and staff can feel confident that they are in safe hands.

Useful resources

 Duty of care
 Advice & information for delegates
 Risk assessment







Reception & Arrival

You will see and have access to:

  • Clear signage to avoid congestion.
  • Protective screens on reception desks and registration areas.
  • Medical-grade hand sanitiser.
  • Medical-grade disinfectant wipes.
  • Hourly cleaning using electrostatic sanitisers.
  • Social distancing markings and barriers.

Meeting rooms

We will ensure that:

  • All meeting rooms are thoroughly electrostatically sanitised and sealed off prior to arrival.
  • Room layouts are arranged to facilitate appropriate social distancing.
  • Medical-grade hand sanitiser will be available.
  • Pre-arranged room sanitisation is available throughout the day.
  • Pads and pens are removed to reduce touch points.
  • Meeting rooms can be refreshed at client discretion.
  • Each delegate will have their own 1litre bottle of water.











Hand washing facilities

Hand sanitiser stations will be placed at all staff and guest entrances / exits and all other areas where guests or team members are present.

These will include back of house areas, reception, restaurant, meeting rooms and shared tenant spaces.

There will be regular signage to remind guests and team members to sanitise their hands.

Electrostatic Sanitising

'A cleaner clean'

The Electrostatic sanitising system allows our team to quickly, quietly and thoroughly clean facilities full of equipment, furniture, and fixtures, throughout the venue, during regular intervals each and every day.

Our technology uses positively charged sanitiser, dispensed through the latest in electrostatic portable devices, with environmentally and surface safe sanitiser.











Our team working safely

Our team are receiving online training and are responsible for implementing our policy and operating standards within our venues.

Furthermore, our teams will always also be responsible for maintaining standards through regular checks that must include; enforcing regular handwashing, provision of anti-bac sanitiser gel and regular, strict cleaning schedules.