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Our Duty of Care

While the enforced restrictions around coronavirus have now been lifted by the government, at Make Venues we are still aware of our responsibilities to our customers, guests and our own staff. 

Our approach is to be sympathetic and cognisant of those guests who do have concerns, whilst not restricting our own ability to provide great hospitality to all our guests. 

That is why, while we’re pleased to be shedding some of the restrictions from the beginning of the year, we will continue to implement some of the more positive aspects; from great hygiene practices to ventilation of rooms and communal areas. Equally, as a business we will support all of our customers in creating best practice risk assessments for all of their events. 

Therefore, the following will give you an idea of what you and your delegates should expect when you visit a Make Venue.







Reception & Arrival

You will notice:

  • We have advised out staff to wear facemasks in public areas
  • Additional face masks are available for delegates who wish to do likewise
  • Our staff will also continue to support 'track and trace' for delegates and organisers
  • Hourly cleaning of 'regularly touched' areas
  • Access to medical-grade hand sanitiser will be available
  • Windows will be opened where appropriate

Meeting rooms

We will ensure that:

  • All meeting rooms are thoroughly sanitised and sealed off prior to arrival
  • Windows will be opened to allow fresh air through the room
  • Meeting rooms can be refreshed at client discretion
  • Access to medical-grade hand sanitiser will be available 
  • Each delegate will have their own 1litre bottle of water











 Communal & Dining areas

  • Dining can be taken inside or outside of the venue (weather permitting)
  • Buffet, picnic bags and snack bags are all options
  • Chefs serving at buffet will wear face masks
  • Hourly cleaning of 'regularly touched' areas
  • Access to medical-grade hand sanitiser will be available