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Midlands Venue Hire

A residential venue for hire, based in the Midlands countryside, but with award-winning facilities and people


Searching for the perfect venue to hire in the Midlands? Look no further than Woodland Grange. Based in leafy Leamington Spa, this Make Venues property is perfect for conferences, meetings, training, incentives, corporate dinners, and awards celebrations.

Woodland Grange venue also has 114 hotel rooms, for your guests, allowing accommodation options for evening events and residential options for multi-day meetings and training.

In addition, Woodland Grange has a games room, two bars, a restaurant, and a gym. Making it a welcoming escape, but also a business focused environment for your meeting.

Explore our Midlands Venue using our Virtual Tour

The Perfect Midlands Venue for a Variety of Events

Woodland Grange has something to offer every type of meeting. Organisers can take advantage of 16 acres of outside space and greenery, whether it be for fresh air between meetings, build outdoor incentive programmes, or just for delegates to exercise at the beginning or end of the day. 

With 28 purpose-built meeting rooms, Woodland Grange can cater to up to 200 delegates. Every room is equipped with hybrid meeting technology, extending the reach of their training, meeting and conference and allowing organisers to broadcast their meeting anywhere in the world. 

Our Midlands venue is perfect for:


Board meeting room at Woodland Grange, tables and chairs positioned in a U-shape formation.

Board meetings

Table and chairs shown from a downwards angle in a Woodland Grange training room.


Large staff workshop space available at Woodland Grange, with tables and chairs positioned in an informal formation.

Staff workshops

A conference room at Woodland Grange, tables and chairs positioned in front of large floor-to-ceiling windows. Each table has bottles of water.


Off-road vehicle trail moving through a field underneath overhanding trees. Large forest visible in the background.

Team building

Modern bedroom with contemporary décor, double bed on the left of the room with a large glass window.


Quality Catering; with a taste of the Midlands

The catering at Woodland Grange is also second to none. Our award-winning chefs make delicious meals at any time of the day using locally sourced ingredients that are nutritious, tasty, and sustainable.


Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just some snacks - the chefs at Woodland Grange never compromise on quality.


Contemporary Facilities; Award-Winning People

Woodland Grange really is capable of hosting any type of event, all of our meeting rooms are furnished to a high standard, ensuring comfort and hospitality.

But what brings everything to life is the award winning team we have at Woodland Grange. It's their job to be of service to you and to make everyone in your delegation as welcome as possible; you provide the content, we’ll provide the hospitality.

Corporate events venue Woodland Grange with green space in the foreground.

Fresh, contemporary and modern facilites

Laptop on a table next to a bottle of water and upturned glass. Laptop displays the MakeVenues website.

State-of-the-art AV

A bed made neatly with 6 decorative cushions placed on top.

Modern and stylish bedrooms

Outdoor communal area at Woodland Grange, with metal tables and chairs and plants for decoration.

Relaxing breakout and communal areas

Spray bleach and cloth being used to clean a dark surface.

High standard of cleanliness and hygiene

Brownies, muffins, and other sweet treats placed on an airing tray.

A commitment to quality throughout

Book our Midlands Venue Today

Think Woodland Grange would be a good fit for your next event? Please feel free to get in touch today to discuss your options.

A bowl of fruit prepared with strawberries, kiwi, apple, oranges, peaches, garnished with pomegranate seeds.

Healthy, locally sourced and tasty food

Breakfast buffet featuring English breakfast, oats and yogurt, fruit salad and fruit juice, available at Woodland Grange.

A new way of enjoying food, hygienically

Woodland Grange car parking facilities, with a white Mercedes and blue Ford reverse parked in two spaces.

Car parking

The outside of the Woodland Grange venue with glass windows reflecting the countryside. Hills and fields present in the background.

Sustainable approach