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Conference Centre Venues

Make Venues is a group of purpose built conference and meeting venues, each capable of hosting a range of business meetings and events. We have venues across Central London, Bristol and Leamington Spa, each delivering award-winning customer service for anyone looking to hire a conference venue.


Each of our conference centres is purpose-designed to ensure you have a productive meeting while with us. Our award-winning team provides a warm, friendly, but non-intrusive environment to host your conference, while our conference rooms are designed and fitted to ensure you have the latest technology, facilities and in-room services you need.


Our Conference Venues

All of our conference rooms have both a main plenary space, but also supporting breakout space, so you can design your conference with as much creativity and flexibility as you see fit. 

For both safety and convenience, we can provide in-room catering to each of our rooms; from coffee and tea ‘stations’ to more substantial meals. Each of our conference venues provide state-of-the-art video conferencing technology, soundproofing, natural lighting, projection technology, production and AV support and so much more. 

Our conference centres accommodate groups as small as 10, all the way up to large conferences of up to 200 delegates.

Please find our conference venues to hire.


Conference Room Facilities

Our conference centres are purpose-built to provide contemporary, professional conference space, fitted with a mixture of state-of-the-art technology and industry-leading customer service, to cater for a conference of any shape or size.

  • Parking (excluding Broadway House)

  • Video conferencing technology

  • Main plenary rooms as well as breakout space

  • Restaurant and snacking stations 

  • Award-winning customer service 

  • Audio-visual and display technology

  • State of the art technology

  • Production and AV support

  • Accommodation at Woodland Grange

Conference Centres That Work For Your Business

When it comes to holding business conferences, our mantra is ‘content first, conference venue next’; in short, what you want to say can be underlined and accentuated through your choice of venue. 

The right venue will showcase your organisation as authoritative, professional, focused, creative and stylish. It's our opinion that our conference venues do just this, while also providing award-winning service and tasty food which adds an additional layer of luxury to your stay. 

It’s important you find a conference venue that works for your business. At Make Venues we have the choice and the expertise to support you.

Hire Conference Centre Venues 

Get in touch today to discuss your conference centre venue requirements and let us do the rest.