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Hybrid Meetings

Simple, Plug & Play Hybrid Meeting Technology in all our Venues

Make Venues has invested heavily in creating the resources you need to create seamless hybrid meetings; mixing a live audience with a streamed / online one. 

Each venue is now fully equipped with state-of-the-art hybrid and virtual meeting technology so you can now connect meetings to each other, and reach delegates around the world.

Whether you’re looking for a hybrid meeting, hybrid conference or training, our virtual and hybrid meeting venues in Leamington Spa, London and Bristol provide the perfect environment, with the best technology to do so without a hitch.

Hybrid meeting between 3 in-person attendees and 4 virtual attendees, in a meeting room at Broadway House.

How Exactly Do Hybrid Meetings Work?


Hybrid meetings solve the problem that every planner needs addressing; to reach not only the audiences that can attend in person, but those who can’t or won’t.


It's the ultimate way to take the pressure off your event, and with the right technology you can talk to both live and online guests seamlessly.

Now, there is no limit to how many delegates are to attend your meeting, and no place too far that they can join from. If they have Wi-Fi, we can reach them professionally and easily.


A laptop icon with a USB stick icon positioned over the screen

Plug & Play - Connects to your laptop, USB or HDD

White microphone icon over a red background.

Capture - Using state of the art audio-visual technology

Network icon positioned on top of an open laptop.

Stream - Broadcast your meeting around the world

What Do Our Hybrid Meetings Provide?


Our hybrid meeting venues are purpose-built to bring teams, clients and stakeholders closer to communicate more effectively. Our facilities give the choice back to the delegates with the option to attend in person or virtually, with no difference to quality.


Network icon positioned on top of an open laptop.

Hybrid - All the benefits of in person events with the reach of a virtual one

Icon of a cog positioned on top of an open laptop.

Support - On-site Technical support as standard

Network icon positioned on top of an open laptop.

Quality - Host your meeting from an award winning venue


Choose The Best Option For You and Your Meeting - Live, Virtual or Hybrid

Every one of our rooms, across the Make Venue group is hybrid ready, with support on hand to take the pressure off you and your team. It means what goes on in the room, can be shared clearly and concisely across your delegates, giving you a hybrid event that you won’t forget.

Live: Live hospitality at a Make Venue


Virtual: Use our technology to stream your event to thousands


Hybrid: A mixture of both, some live delegates, others joining virtually

And what benefits do hybrid meetings provide?

  • Add value to your event by reaching unlimited people

  • Bring your remote delegates as close to the experience as possible

  • A greener option that brings your team together without damaging the environment

Hire Make Venues For Your Hybrid Meeting Today

Get in touch today to discuss your hybrid virtual event requirements and let us do the rest.