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Earlier this month, Make Venues announced our attainment of the government’s ‘Disability Confident’ accreditation. The initiative is a positive one that recognizes businesses that take steps to make their workforce more inclusive, by making it easier for those with disabilities to both join and prosper at the company. 

It’s also a positive step for us as a business, as it allows us to show a hallmark that underlines our ethics, values, and, possibly more importantly, our ambitions. We’re fortunate to receive many accolades for the consistent quality of our customer service; I believe that this is due to the connection we draw between those that work for us, and those that we welcome into our venues. 

Our Venues and Accessibility

Our venues are already leading in terms of the facilities we have installed, to make sure those with disabilities can have a great experience with us. However, if our team is also reflective of the diversity of delegates we welcome, then this will only add to the hospitable environment we create. That is why we need to be seen as a welcoming employer to those from all parts of society; we want that talent in our business because it’s about service and hospitality as well as values. 

This is also where disability confident opens up a wider conversation about inclusion. As a business leader I’ve always tried to use my position to make a positive difference in the world. I’m also always more fascinated by the people side of what I do, I get amazing reward out of seeing people come into our business; grow, and develop. That is why this has always been important to me as well as the business I run. 

No one is perfect, but I look at our work force and I do see it reflecting both our delegates and the wider society. I see diverse talent at every level and I see up and coming stars that excite me for our future. When we hire, we like to try and encourage local voices, as well as those that have hunted both our industry and our business down through higher education, it makes us more welcoming to all our guests, be they local, national, or international.

Finally, this is also incredibly important to our customers. Businesses are taking a long hard look at their values as they understand that they will be judged on them, not just their products and services. Many are making positive steps, like us, to continue to improve. As part of that, they want to work with partners who share these ambitions. 

Make Venues’ Inclusivity Vision

At Make Venues we talk a lot about ‘perfection’; we know it’s an unattainable vision, but that the hunt is what makes a business successful. We’re not perfect by any strength of the imagination when it comes to inclusivity, but we’re committed to it, we’re ambitious about our approach, and we will continue to improve, every day. 

We’re disability confident now, but we’re also incredibly confident about our future as a modern and welcoming business too. 

If you have any question about accessibility at any of our venues across Leamington Spa, Central London and Bristol, please get in touch. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our venues.