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We’ve all come to accept that meetings are unlikely to ever be the same again. Whether you were one to embrace virtual technology pre-2020 or still needed some persuading, it’s fair to assume we’ve all had our heads turned by new possibilities. 

Is Hybrid The New Normal?

What felt like a juxtaposition for some, has now become best practice, as the worlds of ‘live’ and ‘virtual’ work in tandem and allow clients to extend their reach, in a largely cost-effective way. Ultimately, virtual experiences have allowed us to expand our networks and engage our audiences, customers and stakeholders, during a time when such things seemed like a luxury.

But while the new ‘hybrid events’ buzzword is on everyone’s lips, we need to make sure we’re not just ticking boxes. Joining a meeting online is not about merely observing the content. It should be an immersive experience that allows your guests - both online and in person - to make a true connection with your content and engage with your business or brand.

So, while the experience of live and virtual attendees may differ, clients’ involvement and perception of your brand should not.

Developing Our Hybrid Meeting Technology

At Make Venues, we’ve been fortunate enough to have spent the past year working hand-in-hand with our clients to develop the space and hybrid meeting technology they need. We’ve created the infrastructure that allows our clients the flexibility to meet safely, when possible, and allow them to reach out to their audience virtually, when it’s not.  

2020 may not have been the year that we had planned but it has allowed our business, and the meeting and events industry as a whole, to evolve and find its place in the online space. We have certainly uncovered huge opportunities for us to learn during this past year and we’re excited to share our expertise.

What’s Next for Make Venues?

So, what’s next? Well, whichever direction the roadmap takes us in, we’re now confident in our hybrid meeting technology offering, whether it be in person, or with attendees online.  We’ve worked alongside so many of our clients to embrace this new hybrid era and together we are excited to realise its potential to change our event landscape for the better. 

We’re excited about sharing these hybrid meeting technology developments with our customers. So far, the feedback is that they have not been disappointed and the world we’ve opened up for them is both exciting and valuable from a business perspective. 

If it’s something that you or your business is looking into, do speak to us at Make Venues. This is a new world, but it needn’t be a difficult one. Our hybrid meeting technology is easy to use, simple, but it’s also incredibly effective. Its opportunity without the hassle; with great service as standard.

If you’d like to find out more about our facilities, click here.

Alternatively, you can contact our team today on 0808 168 5876, or get in touch via our enquiry form for more information.