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March 2022, UK: Make Venues has introduced Sustainability Champions across its venues with the aim of integrating the businesses sustainability objectives into every level of the company. The appointments form part of the group’s sustainability strategy and will play a critical role in helping to deliver its environmental promises and aspirations. 
Three ambassadors, one at each of Make Venue’s three venues, will work in partnership with the senior management team both within the venue and at group level, ensuring that sustainability isn’t just led from the top, but has support and involvement at every level of the business. 
As part of the role, each individual acts as an enabler to not only oversee sustainability processes but also suggest changes that may improve Make Venues’ sustainability credentials further.
David Vaughton, Managing Director of Make Venues said: “When it comes to sustainable policies it is very easy to make promises, but it is essential that we all commit to seeing them through. We want our staff to feel invested in our processes and provide their valued input so that our plans can come to life and truly work for our business.” 
Make Venues has always taken a clear, forward-thinking stance when it comes to sustainability, throwing its weight behind event industry campaigns such as the MIA’s ’20 percent less’ project. The business has also been an early adopter of initiatives such as the Green Tourism accreditation, which seeks to reassure organisers that they are aligning themselves with likeminded, environmentally conscious businesses.
‘Sustainable processes are here to stay and we’re proud to lead the way with new and exciting ideas. All our staff care, and they want to be a part of the solution. They want to be involved. Ensuring they are living out our environmental aspirations day-to-day is essential to our success. It is this thinking that has driven our Sustainability Champions programme,” added Vaughton.

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