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It’s fair to say, the likelihood of a mass return to an office-based, five-day week is unlikely. While remote working may have seemed like a pipe dream for many in 2019, the past two years have certainly forced the hand of many companies and opened their eyes to the ease with which employees can often work in their own space.

But while most welcome the chance to avoid the daily commute, there are many workers who miss conversing with colleagues and long for the comradery that is often commonplace in a working environment.

Offsite Meaningful Meetings

So much value is now being placed on meetings, conferences and incentives outside of the regular office meeting rooms because of the benefits of offsite meetings. Employees now crave interaction with each other (not just contact) as well as the opportunity to socialise once again. That’s why business venues, such as those within the Make Venues group, are becoming increasingly popular as they provide the perfect, versatile setting that allows guests to mix business and pleasure. 

An incentive gathering has changed over the pandemic. It’s not just about escaping the office to bond with colleagues and have fun, instead the ‘work’ often provides the framework for the itinerary, and the format is no longer always a meeting. 

It could be just a simple, ‘work from the same space’ moment, where companies try and recreate the alchemy and ‘water-cooler moments’ that happen when groups just work in the same building. The meeting room is there as a breakout from the ‘office’, not vice versa. 

Later in the evening, the group may want to recreate ‘work drinks’ again, vitally missed, and that chance for teams to bond, chat casually and often let off steam. 

These moments provide the sandwich around the team-building or incentive exercises planned by the business, but play an important role in productivity for the company and create a sense of normality amongst staff. But you do need the space. 

Our Venues

Our Woodland Grange and Engineers’ House venues both offer an expanse of outdoor space able to host a range of experiences, from themed barbecues and quality dining to team-building activities and retreats. 

Inside our venues, there is a business environment that supports teams who want to work, eat and drink together. They offer that perfect point between an office and a warm hospitable environment; they are business-like but have moments of indulgence through food, snacks and the basics of getting tea and coffee right without having to leave the building. 

This is all about modern-day meetings, modern-day working, and how incentives can fit into this to create productive businesses. 

At Make Venues we’re focused on working with our clients to find a space that offers the options they need. It has been a privilege to welcome clients back through our doors with a renewed appreciation of what we do and we’re enjoying building on our partnerships and supporting clients’ content and ideas, both inside and out. 

Make Your Meetings Meaningful Again

At Make Venues, we have venues across Leamington Spa, London and Bristol. These venues are perfect for accommodating your corporate needs if you’d like to make things more exciting and organise an offsite meeting.

Contact our team today on 0808 168 5876, or get in touch via our enquiry form for more information on organising a team-building activity day.