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The return of face-to-face meetings has opened up so many opportunities for both business and leisure. And, while events can cross everything from exhibitions to conferences, awards evenings to training, we’re all in the ‘in person’ industry; one that is now open and doing business for businesses.

How Does the Benefits of Hybrid Events Align with the Euros?

One event that is finally being given the chance to dominate our screens this summer is Euro 2021. Now it seems a stretch to equate this continent-wide competition with our own business at Make Venues, but there is an analogy to make, especially for the increasing number of our guests who are looking at hybrid options around their face-to-face meetings

Engagement First Approach


It was while watching these early games that it dawned on us how live sport works as a helpful representation of how to marry the worlds of ‘live’ and ‘virtual’ audiences into a hybrid experience. For us, the beautiful game – and to be honest, many other live sporting events – shows hybrid at its best, engaging with audiences in different formats but uniting them behind a central theme.

On the one hand you have the crowd. Watching the game as it happens. Surrounded by the smell of Bovril and pies or, more contemporary, soft drinks and fast food. Enjoying a drink and soaking up the atmosphere of shared joy - or disappointment - among their fellow supporters.

The Experience (Whether at Home or Live)


But for every fan in the stands there are thousands of spectators at home experiencing the game in a very different way. Television viewers may have to create their own ambience, but they are privy to close ups, analysis, tactics and replays. They are afforded expert insight that you’re unlikely to hear in the stands. In short, they have the same content (the game) but created for them, delivered to the comfort of their home. 

Those at home still have that feeling of #FOMO (fear of missing out) that makes them yearn for the live experience; of ‘being there’. However, on the flip side, what do many crowd members do when they return home after the game? Watch the highlights and experience the insight, the close ups and the replays they were denied in the live experience. 

Is Hybrid Coming Home?


It’s fair to say that each of these experiences are valuable and allow the audience to connect with the action just in differing ways. And this is how we see our hybrid events - a chance for your clients to engage with your content in a meaningful way. 

At Make Venues we’re face-to-face purists, we believe that, just like the football match, events should start live. But we’ve also got the capacity, creativity and capability to ensure that your digital delegates get the very best experience too. 

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