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During the past year, most of us have had the overwhelming urge to make a difference and add value to the efforts of our healthcare staff and key workers. At Make Venues we’re fortunate to work with many public sector bodies and have spent the past 12 months assisting with, in particular, their education and training needs.

Among the organisations we were able to work with was St John Ambulance, who have been called on to assist with the country’s Vaccination Programme. Engineers’ House in Bristol was able to work with their team, to assist with the organisation’s largest ever training and deployment programme and received some heart-warming feedback about their experience. 

Of course, it was our privilege to help, and we will continue to do whatever we can to support the evolving challenges our clients face. Because this is what our business does - adapt to the needs of our clients and work with them to provide solutions, even in the most challenging of climates. 

It’s what we’ve seen up and down the country, from venue to venue. We’ve seen venues transformed overnight to become Nightingale Hospitals or food banks or, more recently, vaccination centres - proving time and time again that our venues are some of the greatest in the world.

We’re so proud of the contribution our venues and our industry has made during a time of such uncertainty and upheaval. And, maybe more importantly, we remain grateful and in awe of all the frontline workers, who have kept us all going and provided us all with the care and support we needed this year.


St John Ambulance's letter to Engineers' House