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To frequent visitors of Broadway House, our venue has always been reflective of its location. Set in the heart of Westminster, in grand Edwardian settings, but surrounded by leafy parks as well as historic monuments of every kind. 

Broadway House has always epitomised its London roots by offering professional working environments - supplemented by smart, tasty food - and accessible, both from a price and a geographic point of view. It’s been the mainstay of government meetings, influencers, trade and investment departments; culture, media, industry and organisations with ambition; that make things happen. 

But the world is changing and so is Broadway House. Meetings and events are more than just communication vehicles. Their value is increasingly put towards inspiration and contact; the alchemy of face-to-face. It’s not enough to sit people down and make sure they can focus, we need to make them excited and creative. Cue the new Broadway House. 


New Broadway House Opening Night Image 1

Everything is different, but everything stays the same. What is the same is that Broadway House continues to represent its location; London, Westminster, influence and effect. What couldn’t be more different is the environment as you walk in. From art deco to futuristic, Broadway House is now a living journey through the ages of mechanics, technology, infrastructure, and global thinking. Identifying leaders through artwork and murals, but also redecorating grand staircases with heritage design and carefully sourced furniture. Delighting fixtures and fittings, playful slights of vision, and rewarding places of discovery are found throughout the ‘new’ venue. 

Between floors we jump from planetary discovery to a simple enjoyment of the London tube system. Broadway House has come alive, and it reflects the personality of the people behind the venue, as well as the organisations that use it. Because this isn’t just a refurbishment to reflect a new way of meeting, it’s also one that reflects the values of Make Venues. Its loyal to our five main pillars; service personality, inclusion, sustainability, & innovation. So, it’s not just about what’s on the walls, it’s about the people that walk through them every day. 

New Broadway House Opening Night Image 2

We recently opened our doors to our customers to take their own walk through the ‘new’ Broadway House and we were delighted by the feedback. People make venues come alive and the vibrancy of the venue was bought real by our amazing customer base. Now our customers are talking about their surroundings, not just existing in them. They are surrounded by influence and inspiration, adding injections of creativity into meetings, training, and conference programmes. They tell stories for and on behalf of our customers, supporting their own business objectives and making their meeting anything but boring. Most importantly Broadway House is showing its personality and allowing its customers to do the same. 

Our doors remain open to anyone who wants to take a closer look at why Broadway House is becoming one of the most talked about venues in Westminster, so please do let us know if you want to visit and one of our knowledgeable members of staff can take you on a personal tour. Contact us to find out more.  

New Broadway House Opening Night Image 3

Photo credit: Andrew Lunn Photography.