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It’s time to talk about something we all know too well: the dreaded team meeting. 

Yep, that obligatory gathering where everyone tries to stay awake while someone drones on about quarterly reports or budget projections. But guess what? It doesn't have to be that way!

Picture this: a meeting where your team is actually engaged, energised, and dare we say it, having fun. Fun team meetings aren't just the stuff of dreams; they're totally achievable, and they don't have to involve cringey activities or trust falls.

Fun and engaging team meetings are super important for ensuring the happiness, motivation, and productivity of your colleagues. So, before you and your team resign yourself to another hour in the same old conference room, consider mixing things up a bit!

In this latest article from Make Venues, we're serving up 20 fresh meeting ideas that'll shake up your team's routine and inject a healthy dose of fun into your gatherings. From outdoor adventures to creative workshops, we've got something for every team, no matter your size or industry. Let’s explore these fun and exciting team building ideas together:

Team Meeting Ideas for New Teams

Joining or leading a new team is like stepping into unknown territory - you never know what to expect. It’s an exciting process, but without a doubt it can also be nerve-wracking. The right activities and icebreakers during your first few team meetings can be just what you need to navigate those initial jitters and bring your colleagues closer together.

1. Two Truths and a Lie

Let's kick things off with a classic icebreaker that's sure to get everyone laughing and sharing: “Two Truths and a Lie”. Each team member dishes out three statements about themselves - two truths and one small fib. Then, it's up to the rest of the team to play detective and figure out which one's the bluff. It's a fun way to break down walls, learn quirky facts about each other, and build a bit of camaraderie along the way.

2. Guess the Baby Photo

Ready for a trip down memory lane? Bring in those adorable baby photos and let the guessing games begin! Guessing each other's baby photo is a nice way to spark conversations and discover the small, mischievous versions of your co-workers. From cheeky grins to chubby cheeks, it's all fair game.

3. Lunch Partner

Pair up your colleagues and ditch the office for some quality one-on-one time over lunch or coffee. This is a relaxed way to get to know each other beyond work projects and deadlines, helping to improve collaborative skills and working relationships. You never know, you might just find a friend for life. 

4. Bucket List Sharing 

Sharing your bucket list is a fantastic way to inspire creativity and spark meaningful conversations. From travelling the world to mastering a new skill, everyone’s bucket list is unique and full of surprises. By sharing their dreams and goals, team members can find common ground and even discover new opportunities to support each other’s endeavours.

5. Speed Networking

Speed networking injects some excitement into the traditional experience of getting to know your new colleagues. Here’s how it works: set up stations around the room, each with a different topic or question related to work or personal interests. Then, team members rotate through these stations in short intervals, engaging in quick but meaningful conversations. It’s a great way to break down barriers and foster connections across the team - plus it’s a lot of fun.

Team Meeting Ideas to Boost Productivity

Team meetings are a crucial aspect of any organisation's workflow, but they can sometimes feel like a drain on productivity rather than a boost. However, with the right strategies and ideas in place, team meetings can become a valuable tool for energising your team and maximising productivity.

6. Goal Setting Workshop

Propel your team towards success by kickstarting your meeting with a goal-setting workshop. When we clarify broader objectives and goals, it not only aligns everyone's efforts but also sparks a sense of purpose and direction. As your team envisions their targets and can see the path to achieving them, motivation often soars and a collaborative spirit can start to flourish.

7. Work Skills Workshop

Build your team’s hard and soft skills with a work skills workshop. By choosing a new skill to develop with your colleagues, or by honing an existing skill, team members can improve their confidence in the workplace. The workshop could be run by an external expert, or a senior member of staff within the team who can share their experience with the group to aid personal development.

8. Project Retrospectives

Project retrospectives are sessions where teams look back at previous projects they’ve worked on, discussing the various successes, challenges, and how they navigated them. By dissecting wins and losses as a team, you foster a culture of continuous improvement. Project retrospectives are particularly good for teams who have been together for a while, with varying levels of experience.

9. Problem-Solving Workshops

Good problem-solving skills are invaluable in almost all working environments. Problem-solving workshops are like mental gyms for your team, where they can flex their analytical muscles and come up with innovative solutions to a variety of problems. These sessions can be great for developing team working skills, boosting confidence, and inspiring colleagues to think creatively in challenging scenarios.

10. Action-Oriented Meetings

We’ve all sat through those long and boring meetings that lacked direction, and felt like a waste of time. Let’s be honest - there’s almost nothing more frustrating. 

Action-oriented meetings are the perfect way to avoid these experiences and boost productivity. Before the meeting kicks off, a well-defined agenda is set, outlining specific discussion points and time limits for each topic. This guarantees that everyone's time is utilised to its fullest potential. While not suitable in all scenarios, action-oriented meetings prove highly effective during busy periods when it's crucial to stay focused and efficient.

11. Moonshot Meetings

Moonshot meetings are visionary sessions that invite your team to dream big and reach for the stars. By encouraging audacious goals that challenge the status quo, moonshot meetings often ignite a spark of innovation and daring within your team, and can make your actual goals/objectives appear much more achievable.

Team Meeting Ideas for Remote Teams

To keep your team engaged at work, it's important to think outside the box and come up with creative meeting ideas that will spark innovation and collaboration. Here are some unique, out of the box team meeting ideas to shake things up and bring a fresh perspective to your next gathering.

15. Mini Retreats

Mini retreats offer a refreshing break from the daily grind. They provide an opportunity for teams to step away from their desks, get out of the office, and immerse themselves in a different environment. Whether it's a nearby park or a modern corporate event venue, conference or meeting room that offers a change of scenery, taking your team on a trip out the office can help to inspire creativity.

16. Walking Meeting

Who says meetings have to be confined to stuffy office buildings? Walking meetings bring a breath of fresh air to otherwise ordinary gatherings. Walking side by side, team members can engage in meaningful discussions about work while enjoying the benefits of physical activity. Informal settings like this encourage open communication and can lead to more innovative ideas that help solve problems back at the office.

17. Themed Team Meetings

Injecting some fun into meetings with themed sessions can reignite team enthusiasm. Whether it's a "Throwback Thursday" where everyone dresses in retro attire or a "Superhero Squad" theme to unleash the inner hero, themed meetings add an element of excitement and creativity. They encourage participation and team bonding, plus, they provide a memorable experience that can boost morale and team cohesion long after the meeting ends.

18. Team Talent Show

A team talent show is a fantastic, light-hearted way to showcase hidden skills and talents within the group. Fancy yourself a singer? Maybe you’re a budding part time magician? Whilst it might sound like a daunting idea, sharing hidden talents with your colleagues is bound to bring good vibes and get the whole team laughing and having fun.

Transform your Meetings with a New, Exciting Venue

If you’re looking for new and fresh ideas to breathe new life into your team meetings, there’s no better way than to switch up the venue. By stepping outside the familiar confines of the office environment, teams can break free from routine and gain fresh perspectives on challenges and opportunities.


Being surrounded by inspiring landscapes or a new modern and sustainable event venue can kick-start conversations and ignite those lightbulb moments. Plus, breaking free from the usual office distractions means your team can dial in on the task at hand without interruptions.


But it's not all business. Mixing things up with fun activities or challenges in a new setting isn't just about team building; it's about forging genuine connections. Whether you're smashing a corporate scavenger hunt together or simply enjoying a change of scenery, these shared experiences create bonds that stick long after the event wraps up.

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