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The world of culinary expertise can be a fickle one. Trends are constantly evolving and we see the development of new skills and themes with every season.

We’re proud to see so much innovation and vision from UK chefs, but at Make Venues we’re also cautious not to always be led by emerging trends and catering fads. In recent years the focus on both sustainability and health has brought ‘food miles’, ‘local-sourcing’ and ‘brain food’ into our lexicon, and while these terms may provide insight and education, the ethos behind such processes has long been on our agenda and has been a key driver in our culinary ethos.

It’s fair to say that we’re proud to forge our own path. We love to see new trends, new developments and new culinary movements but for us, the focus is continued excellence. We’re constantly evolving and developing our skills and our product, not to keep up with Jones’, but instead to make sure we are the very best that we can be.

For us, the foundations of our food are simple - we provide healthy, locally-sourced produce that offers high-quality, varied dishes for all tastes and dietary needs. We want to bring the rainbow to your plate.

Our food brings healthy, more sustainable options to the fore and goes beyond simple taste and aesthetics. We recognise that the benefits of healthier options are unquestionable, and a fine-tuned dish even has the potential to improve delegate focus and engagement post lunch. 

By dining with us, our clients get to enjoy healthy, high-nutrient, preservative-free dishes with minimal CO2 impact, meaning that their choices are inherently sustainable and healthy, without them always knowing it.

We want meat-free dishes to sit under the spotlight in their own right, they’re not just on the menu so that vegetarian customers have a box to tick. Instead, we invest in our meat-free and vegan options as we would all our other dishes, and they sit at the heart of buffets and menus to entice even the most carnivorous of guests. 

Although we are clear in our commitment to healthier produce, we also appreciate the need for balance. Our desserts are unrivalled and provide a suitable option for those who wish to treat themselves whilst at a conference or meeting, but they still remain true to our ethos - produce is local, and of the highest quality, meaning clients are still making a healthy choice, even when they aren’t.

Even during a pandemic when we needed to ensure that our catering was packaged or boxed to conform to strict hygiene controls, we ensured our quality never waned. In fact, we wanted it to be even better, so that the food spoke for itself.

So, as the need for stringent Covid measures reduces and we pack away the bento boxes, we’re excited to allow our food to sit front and centre on display once more, and relish the chance to provide the best quality experience for our customers, without compromise.