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Covid-19 has undoubtedly shaped and influenced the event industry trends in 2021.

With the exciting reopening of the industry, has come an evolution of trends, which demonstrate what has been prevalent in 2021 and what is likely to dominate 2022.

1. Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are a ‘hybrid’ between an in-person and a virtual event. 

As 2021 draws to a close, hybrid events have consistently topped the event trends this year as they offer the  perfect compromise for people that want to attend in-person events and those that - for whatever reason - wish to attend virtually. 

Why have Hybrid Events been a Popular Event Trend in 2021?

  1. Hybrid events help mitigate the unpredictability of live meetings - particularly in the current climate - , as having a virtual option means the event can still go ahead even if face-to-face options are restricted

  2. They increase reach as to who can attend

  3. People don’t need to attend the event live and can replay it whenever it suits them.

  4. They are usually a more sustainable option for holding events

Is Technology Here to Stay in the Event Trends?

Technology has played a huge part in event trends this year, mainly due to hybrid events, and this will undoubtedly remain popular even when life returns to ‘normal’.

Technology is developing insanely fast to support virtual event trends and can only get more impressive and advanced with time. Technology has not only been a major event industry trend in 2021 but will be for years to come. 

Virtual events simply offer more variety and freedom than regular in-person events can, keeping them on top of the trends.

For more info about holding hybrid meetings at any of our Make Venues’ locations, check out our handy guide here.

2. Micro Events

Interestingly, the term ‘micro event’ took on an entirely new meaning in 2020. The term ‘micro event’ previously referred  to an online event but its meaning has since shifted due to the pandemic - as it became a popular events trend. 

The new definition of micro events means much smaller events that contain a limited amount of people. This often means micro events are held as several smaller gatherings instead of just one larger event. 

Smaller events allow for more emphasis on safety measures, protecting and reassuring guests, particularly with regards to Covid-19. 

The Benefits of Micro Events

  1. It’s easier to control/monitor safety measures and attendee numbers.

  2. Smaller, more intimate events allow for attendees to network and make deeper connections a lot easier.

  3. Better networking opportunities because the event feels more personal and attendees don’t feel lost in the crowd.

  4. Micro events are usually easier to make more sustainable because there are fewer attendees and the event is smaller.

Why Have Micro Events Been So Popular?

In 2020, due to Covid-19 restrictions, micro events were almost the only events that were allowed to go ahead. This was due to the social distancing measures that were in place at the time. 

Micro events began to be held as an adaptation to the restrictions, as it meant that some normality could return but with safety measures at the forefront.

People attending micro events realised that they could make stronger connections and had better networking opportunities than they would at bigger events. Micro events give attendees a more personal touch, whilst also maintaining safety precautions. 

As a result of this, micro events became a staple of the event industry trends of 2020 and this has been maintained into 2021.

3. Outdoor Events

When the events industry began to reopen, it started with outdoor events first. Having an event outdoors meant that a larger number of people could attend without breaching Covid-19 guidelines, as the virus is less likely to spread outdoors. 

Even with the re-emergence of indoor events, a large majority of people still preferred to attend outdoor events to reduce the risk of transmission.

Emphasising Safety

Outdoor venues, and thus events, generally offer much more space for event holders. Having an event outdoors, therefore means that it can be easier to plan for and arrange social distancing measures, should they be needed.

Micro music festivals in particular paved the way for micro-events to become the popular event trend it is right now. Micro music festivals meant that attendees could still get the atmosphere they would at a regular music festival but with a more intimate and safety-focused touch. 

By creating adaptations to existing event scenarios outdoor events have remained a popular trend all the way through 2021.

4. Sustainable Events

Events of the past two years have refocused our attention on both individual health and the health of the planet. 

People are now thinking more about the consequences of their actions when it comes to these two matters. Sustainability has been a huge industry trend of 2021 and will be a predicted big trend for years to come, with most attendees being supportive of more sustainable events.

5. Data Collection in Events

Another event trend for 2021, has been the advancements in data collection during events.

Collecting data is a great method of gathering insight into the success of those particular events and - with the prominence of virtual events, it is now easier than ever to survey guests about their experiences. 

It is also much easier to gather data on how many attendees there were, how long they were involved with the event and so much more. Data collection is incredibly important for feedback on the success of an event and how to improve future events going forward. 

As virtual and hybrid events have become more of a norm, data collection in events has become an even more important trend in 2021 and will most likely be a staple of 2022.

Why is Data Collection a Top Trend of 2021?

Advancements in data collection capabilities in events is undoubtedly a top trend of 2021. Customer feedback led strategies when it came to the reintroduction of events and what customers wanted. 

Venues were able to gauge insight into whether new ways of hosting events were appropriate and relevant and if they are still enjoyable for attendees. While data collection at events has long been established in the industry, virtual data gives even greater focus on attendee behaviour.

Interested in Hosting an Event in 2022?

Have any of 2021’s top event trends inspired an idea for an event in 2022? Stay on top of the trends and organise an event with us.

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